BWS 2015 Birdseed Workshop + Celebration

The Perennial Garden Club hosted their annual Birdseed Ornament workshop and celebration with the boys of the Bishop Walker School in December. The Club gathers up pinecones throughout the fall and then sets up a workshop at the school for the boys ages K-6 to roll the pinecones in Crisco and birdseeds, then hang the edible ornaments in the trees that surround the school. A party afterwards of Christmas cookies and cocoa tops off the celebration. In the days to come, the happy ruckus of birds feasting on the birdseed ornaments is an annual joy for the students and faculty. 

(Above) Perennials Penny Morrill, Paige Vietor, Brooke Morton and Mary Kopper at the Birdseed Ornament Celebration.  (Left) Students prepare the pinecones for hanging. 

November 29     The Science behind Wild and Designed Plant Communities

Speakers Claudia West Claudia West, Ecological Sales Manager at North Creek Nurseries and Co-author with Thomas Rainer of ‘Planting in a Post Wild World’ (Timber Press)
7:30 PM   Kensington Library 4201+Knowles+Ave,+Kensington,+MD+20895


Native plantings are gaining in popularity but also face severe challenges. Examples of failed projects are plentiful and hurt the image of the native plant movement. We won’t solve these issues if we continue to compare planting design to painting on canvas and perceive plants as individual objects in space. It is time for a new approach—a plant community-based method which has evolved in the world of ecological science. Join us as we translate ecological principles of wild plant communities into design and management tools that will help you create better native planting. This presentation will introduce you to the science behind stable and lasting plant combination. Let’s dive into the work of several European ecologists and planting designers and define how their findings can help you create and manage the native plantings you envision.

No Bees No Thanksgiving  









 In time for Thanksgiving and the holidays, the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP), the most trusted source of data on the health of America's honey bees, has launched a campaign to raise public awareness of the vital roles that honey bees and beekeepers play in pollinating and producing many of the foods we love -- especially at this time of year.  Continue reading

Looking for gift ideas?  How about a new app?  Penny Morrill mentioned an app that uses crowd sourcing for identifying plants - currently it can identify over 4,000 plants from any photo you take with your smartphone and will identify more each day as more people post plants to the site.  It’s fun!  

Allium Alert From Sarah Salomon

Thanks to everyone for a fabulous painting party today! Thanks to my sister, Corky for coming down, and to MV for providing the yummy lunch. And thanks to everyone who grew, cut and dried all the alluim for this project. This will be spectacular!

WDC Gardens History
A wonderful speech by Mary Johnston
Her address regarding the establishment of the U.S. Botanic Garden.

Enjoy this wonderful online exhibit from the

Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  

A beautiful treat from Perennial Penny Morrill.

A wonderful on-line article from the Wash Post.

Thanks, Penny, for sharing with us. 

By Georgia Nassikas. 

Created for the Zone VI Fall meeting.
Centerpiece inspired by the Saguaro National Park, AZ, in honor of

the Centennial celebration

of the National Parks Service.

Each month the WSJ presents a feature entitled Flower School, that

depicts an arrangement inspired by a work of art.  Always exquisite. 

Enjoy the February piece:

Congratulations to Sarah Salomon

and her sister Corky on winning

a First Place in the Philadelphia Flower Show floral design division and best in show for the 3rd time!

The talented duo also presented an inspired demonstration

in the Designer’s Studio at the Philadelphia Flower Show. 


  Congratulations to Perennials Gay Barclay and Sarah Salomon

         Award recipients at the 2015 Zone VI Meeting

         Gay Barclay - Horticulture Awards including 1st Place, Three 3rd Place Ribbons,                                          and Two Honorable Mentions


         Sarah Salomon - 1st Place and Best in Show in Photography

         Sarah Salomon - 3rd Place Floral Design



















              “Green Wave”                                        3rd Place Floral Design                   


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